Toffees Shapes -mini -Samosa Recipes 

Samosa is an all-time favorite Indian starter. Samosa is liked by everyone from small child to older. We mostly like to take samosa with evening tea, now let's talk about samosas. Two parts of samosa are very important, first is the outer cell, which we can also call pastry of samosa. The second part is its filling or stuffing in which Indians are all time favorite flavored.

first steps - outer cells in samosa ----

To make the outer cell, first of all you need Maida, then after adding pinch of salt, ajwani and Ghee, you thicken it well because roughing will make your samosa pastry cell very crispy. (If you do not have ghee, you can also add refined oil to it) After that we will put cold water in it and now the dough is well kneaded. Now cover the dough with a cloth for 15-20 minutes.

second steps - how to make filling in Toffee shape mini- samosa 

In the meantime, we prepare stuffing of samosas or, if you say, prepare inside filling of samosas. Put your gas on the medium flame and put oil in a pan, after that let the oil get hot, after that add cumin, chopped green chili, chopped ginger and stir all these well. Toss for some time until golden roasted. After that add small pieces of boiled potato and green pea.

After this comes a spice of Indian spices, first of which add salt, turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, mango powder and toss them all well.

You can add more things inside the stuffing. Cashew, Raisins  and small pieces of cottage cheese bar and toss it well. 

Crush this mixer with the help of a spoon and crushed it will fit your stuffing comfortably inside the samosas.

We started mixing this mixture in a separate bowl and let it cool completely.

Now, we will make small pieces of dough. The small dough should be rolled like bread. You can make the dough as thin as you want. After rolling, it will be round shape with the help of round shaped bowl. Whichever of our samosas will be the same. 

Now we will add stuffing inside them. With the help of a knife, we will make 4 cuts in the middle. Lightly apply water on its edge. Fold it

Your toffee shape will be mini samosa ready which you can fried or baked.

Most important information
1/2 cup - 64 gm 
1 cup -128 gm 
1 tbsp - 15 gm (tablespoons)
1 tsp - 5 gm (teaspoons)

ingredient of pastry Toffee shaped mini - samosa (outer cell - dough)

250 gm maida (refined Flour)
 pinch of salt 
40 ml Desi Ghee (Refined oil)
10 gm ajawani
        Water as much as you need
note - Knead your samosa flour slightly harder than normal flour so that your samosa are soft and crispy.

ingredients of filling Toffee shape mini - samosa 

20 ml oil 
9 ml cumin seed 
10 gm green chilly chopped 
8 gm ginger chopped 
70 gm green peas 
200 gm boiled potato
salt according for taste   
2 gm turmeric powder 
5 gm chilly powder 
15 gm coriander powder 
4 gm cumin powder 
8 gm amchoor powder 
 20 gm hand crushed cashew nuts ( optional )
20 gm Raisins (optional) 
50 gm fine chopped paneer 
10 gm green coriander 

That's all friend thanks for watching till last . i hope this articles will really help you . 

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