Rasgulla is a popular Bengali dessert. While the recipes of making rasgulla are the same, you can make rasgulla in two different types. One is spongy rasgulla and the other is non-spongy rasgulla. Rasgulla is called rosogolla in Bengali language.

In the blog of Rasgulla recipe, I have shared the process of making soft, spongy and delicious rasgulla with many rasgulla tips and suggestions.

It is one of my most favorite Bengali sweets. For whom I had to do a lot of research to share this recipes and after talking to many chefs, I am sharing Rasgulla's recipes with you. If we do not know the right amount, we cannot make rasgulla. is. You can make good rasgulla in one go. When you are making something, there are many mistakes with you, then you go and do research in it and understand it correctly.

what is rasgulla ? 

Rasgulla is a famous Bengali dessert made from milk. To make rasgulla, first of all we tear the milk and make it chhena, which is basically called chenna cracked milk. They make the cracked milk solid or squeeze its water with a cloth. Which we get chhena. Knead the chenna with some flour. Small balls are made by kneading gram, which we call rasgulla. Which is then cooked in a pan or pot with sugar syrup. Cardamom powder or kewada jal  is added to the rasgulla, which makes the rasgulla taste very good.

A spongy rasgulla is soft and light. . In this blogs, if you have any suggestions and questions, then you can mention them in the comment box so that I can take care of those things in the next blogs.

What kind of milk should be taken to make rasgulla?

It is important to use full cream milk or full fat full milk to make a dessert like Rasgulla or Chamcha. Keep in mind that if the milk is packed, it should not be expired. And . Rasgulla cannot be made with toned milk or skimmed milk or low-fat milk.

How long does it take to knead the chenna?

Depending on the amount and pressure exerted by your hands depends on how much time it takes. While you knead it. The chhena is stirred until it is mixed, when the chhena becomes smooth  , it can be made into balls.

Why does rasgulla become so hard?

If you cook balls of rasgulla with sugar syrup for a long time, then only then your rasgulla becomes very hard. Cook from 10 to 15 minutes, once the boil comes, switch off the gas.

How to check if rasgulla is cooked or not?

When rasgulla is cooked, rasgulla starts to grow. After 7 to 10 minutes, check that if the rasgulla sits on the floor, by taking out the rasgulla piece and placing the rasgulla in a mug or bowl of water, it means that the rasgulla has been cooked. If rasgulla floats on the surface of water, it means rasgulla is not cooked yet.

How to store rasgulla?

After making rasgulla, cool them when the rasgulla comes to room temperature. You can store it in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 days. If you do not have a fridge, you can store it in a box for 7 days. After that, take care that there is no fungus in Rasgulla.

How can I use the remaining sugar syrup of rasgulla?

The sugar syrup that remains after eating rasgulla, you can use it in lemon water or shikanji for yourself. You can also make shakes and smoothies in the morning for yourself.

making chhena 

Take 1 liter milk in a pan and then put it on low heat or medium heat to boil. Always use buffalo milk because fat is high in buffalo milk.

So when the milk gets hot, add a little lemon juice to it or you can add vinegar too. Keep stirring the milk for 2 to 3 minutes and it will start to break slowly. Take the muslin cloth and filter it to chhena.

Wash the chhena 2-3 times with cold water, which will remove the sourness of the chhena. Take all the water from the chhena thoroughly, which will dry your chhena.

making rasgulla balls 

He got 2 tablespoons of flour, after that the chenna kept kneading well, which kept mashing from 10 to 12, which we would get a smooth texture, the flour would help it in bonding.

After that you can make small balls of dough, do not make big balls because their size gets bigger when cooking with sugar syrup. Rasgulla balls should not have a crack because if a crack happens, your rasgulla can burst.

Cook rasgulla with sugar syrup

Put 1 liter of water in a vessel. 500 grams of sugar was added to it. It started running well when the sugar dissolves, we slowly put balls of our rasgulla in it.

 Cover it with a cover and do not move the balls, which can burst the balls. Allow to cook from 10 to 12, after that, after taking the gas, the size of rasgulla will also increase. Allow rasgullas to cool, then serve.

Ingredients of Rasgulla  -

1 ltrs full cream milk 
8 ml lime juice ( vinegar also used ) 
10 gm maida 
500 gm sugar 
1 ltrs water 
5 ml rose water ya kaiwada jal  (optional)
3 gm cardamom powder (optional )

author name : manish bahuguna      preparation time: 30 min cooking time : 10 min       Total time : 40 min          course : dessert             cuisine : Indian 

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