Lemon  Tart Basic Information 

Lemon tart is a French classic dessert. Which in French is called tarte au citron.Lemon tart is similar to lemon pie. Filling full lemon comes flavored with pastry shell.The pastry shell becomes very crispy after the lemon tart is baked.

lemon tart recipe- 

Ingredients - 

for the pastry (dough)
200 gm flour 
60 gm sugar powdered 
1 egg 
120 gm salted butter 
4 drops vanilla extract 

for the lemon tart felling 
150 ml sugar powder 
4 eggs 
3 gm salt 
120 ml heavy cream 
60 ml lemon juice 
2 lemon zest (lemon outer peels )

Hi friend welcome to easy and home style cooking . I'm Manish Bahuguna today I am going to prepare bakery  product that is lemon tart . These are my favorite recipe and very simple to made it any house-maker can made to lemon tart .

How to Make Lemon Tart Pastry Shell------

 We need the first making lemon tart outer shell (pastry). So it make this you need 220 gm of all purpose flour and 60 gm of sugar powder and breaking 1 whole egg and 120 gm of  small pics butter and 4 drops vanilla extract  so all ingredients mix together  and you will get an excellent pastry dough.

 You have to knead hard dough, spread the dough and then wrap it with a cloth. Keep in freeze for 30 minutes. Then roll out the dough. 

Take the pastry mold, after that press the pastry on the bottom which should be pastry set on the mold. up the sides of the pan and trim off the excess dough.gently pierce the bottom of the crust with a fork .Keep in freeze for 30 minutes 

Step by Step Making Filling --

Take a bowl, break 4 eggs into it and then add 150 grams of sugar powder and 3 gm of salt after that whisk all of them well and whisk in one direction only.

After that zest two lemon and add 60 ml  lemon juice and whisk once again till they all mix together. Add 120 ml heavy cream. Now whisk again for 10 minutes. 
Now take out the pastry shell from the freeze, put the butter paper on top of it and put the salt and rice mixture in it and baked it for 15 minutes. The temperature of your oven should be 175 degrees Celsius

Remove the wights and the butter paper , Bake for another 10-15  minutes or until shell is slightly golden . 

When the shell of the pastry turns golden, put the felling of the lemon tart on top of it.bake at 150 degrees Celsius for 17-20 minutes or until set your lemon tart . 

Let cool to room temperature then refrigerate for at least 2 hours . 

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