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Gin is a flavored alcoholic beverages on juniper berries. Gin producing by distilled high proof strong liquor with other flavoring agent. Primary ingredient a mixing of gin malted barley, wheat, corn, rye. Gin is not aging. Landon is gin producing to its popularity country. Gin bottles are minimum alcoholic strength 37.5% ABV. In the beginning, gin was used as medicine.

A Brief History of Gin

  Gin originated in Holland during the 17th century by franciscus de la Boe (also known as Doctor Sylvius). Originally named genivre by Boe for the French word for juniper berry, It is claimed that in 1585 during the war in 1585 English troops in Antwerp provided assistance against the Spanish, who were already make a drunk for its calming effects before the war, which led to the period Dutch courage. According to some unauthenticated factor, those originated in Italy.

Main botanicals used

·       Lavender
·       Lemon peel
·       Fresh bay leaf
·       Green cardamom pods
·       Coriander
·       Funnel seeds
·       Black peppercorn
·       Juniper berries
·       Rosemary
·       Ginger
·       Cinnamon
·       Angelica root
·       Cassia bark
·       Orris-root
The number of botanicals that are used in the production of gin. Combination of these used in basically a closely guarded secret among top distillers.

Gin Production Process

Whenever making gin. So the production process takes place in two stages, neutral spirit is formed in the first stage, after that flavored is added to it which is called second stage, in re-distillation, seeds, berries root, fruit, herbs and spices are used. The collection is called botanical. It takes 48 hours to do gin

v      Pot Distilled
v      Patent Distilled

Pot distilled ---

 This is a traditional method. Vessel which holds the liquid and can be hot along with the juniper berries and other is the earliest making style of gin and but traditionally produced by pot distilling.
pot distilled
pot distilled 

Patent distilled (column still) ------

Neutral spirits made from a fermented mash or wash using a process of boiling a liquid in such a way that any vapor is liquefied and returned to the stock still such as a column still. Botanists are still hang in "gin" baskets, which are still located within the head, which allow hot vapor to be extracted to extract flavor ingredients from the botanicals charge.

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