Kandali  plant

kandali ka saag -

 traditional food of uttrakhand 

About this recipe 

In the local language of Uttarakhand, we call Kandali leaf as Bi grass (sisana). This grass contains abundant amounts of formic acid. The ones that cause irritation when you come in contact with the body become rash on your body. While cutting it, you have to take great care that you do not touch the body.it is one of the famous recipe of uttrakhand food . it is very yummy to eat. kandali ka saag is a great source of vitamin C, A and  B-6. they also contain iron, magnesium, and calcium.

Ingredients for  kandali ka saag - Traditional food of uttrakhand 

  1. kandali leaves or soft and smaller leaves of kandali -500 gm
  2. jakhiya - 15 gm 
  3. mustard oil- 30 ml 
  4. dry red chilly  - 4 pcs (for tadka ) 
  5. salt according to the taste 

How to cook kandali ka saag - Traditional food of  uttrakhand 

  1.  first of all pick very soft and smaller kandali leaves and washing of all kandali 
  2. Boil these kandali leaves in water 
  3. cook it till the acidity content of the leaves are removed and the entire kandali becomes pulpy . 
  4. chop it roughly leaves of the kandali 
  5. heat mustard oil in thick bottom  pan or kadai , next add jakhiya and dry red chilly . kandali ki sabji
  6. fry the boiled leaves of kandali for 10 minutes or until all the liquid is absorbed and add salt according to the taste  and serve hot kandali ki saag with maduwa ki roti (ghee). 

jakhiya seed - 

jakhiya  is also called wild mustard.The seeds are dark brown, and cracks when heated in oil. It is used in the dishes of Garhwali and Kumaoni styles of the cuisines. jakhiya makes the taste of food very good.


  garnish with juliennes of green chilli . 

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